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MLB gets high profile political endorsements

Major League Baseball or MLB for short is the greatest standard of professional baseball played in the world. It consists of the teams that participate in the National League and the American League. Among the 30 teams that participate, 29 teams are from the United States and there is one team from Canada.
MLB manages both the International Baseball Federation as well as World Baseball Classic. The popularity of MLB is evident from the fact that the average attendance is over thirty thousand per game. In terms of attendance it is next only to NFL, Bundesliga, Premier League and AFL.
The celebrated MLB venue Fenway Park which recently became the cause of heartbreak for the fans of Red Sox has embarked upon a yet another new role. It has projected itself as a significant venue for the political events. It hosted one of the top political chat shows of the nation along with gracing the political campaigns of the presidential election fore-runner and Republican Mitt Romney as well as that of Scott Brown who is the local Senator.
On Friday, the prestigious park celebrated its 100th anniversary and the occasion has been looked forward by the top brass of the team as well as the entire city of Boston all this spring.
To mark the occasion, Romney and his wife Ann gave interview to the famous journalist Diane Sawyer of the ABC television. They were seated inside a Fenway sky box with the view of the ground in the background. Later h watched the match between Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox. Red Sox lost the game.
John Henry the owner of Red Sox who at one point in time had campaigned for Democratic John Kerry as well as donated considerable amount in the Democratic funds displayed bipartisanship by opening the ballpark
However, very few were happy and convinced by Romney’s credibility as a faithful member of the Red Sox team.
When asked by a journalist whether Romney supports his home state team Detroit Tigers or the team Red Sox, he sounded diplomatic by taking the side of the Boston Club.”Goodness, for Red Sox, I am scared”, he said. “I have been living in Massachusetts for the past 40 years”, he chirped.
He could not leave the Detroit team either. He was quick to add that, “There is no doubt of the fact that I am a Tigers’ fan from my childhood days”. He is not alone as many a high profile politicians like Barack Obama are now pitching for MLB teams.

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